Saturday, December 12, 2009

Spreading Her Pre Teen Legs Pre-teen Friends, How Do I Help My Daughter Survive? This Is A Small Town, So She Can't Just Find New Friends.

Pre-teen Friends, How do I help my daughter survive? This is a small town, so she can't just find new friends. - spreading her pre teen legs

1. My child enters middle school and fall in the past year has become the most of his friends are ugly, dramatic, back, cranks unreliable. They are the daughters of my daughter has been friends since kindergarten. One minute they are nice and the next, rumors proliferate, so fights, rumors, lies, and ignoring others. The problem is that my daughter did not do well, and seems more exciting than their fair share of negative attention when a group of girls together and I'm not sure how to help her overcome. Make no mistake, no, it's perfect. It may be lazy, dirty, smart and mouthy to her father and abused me, but not your friends, or to the same type of behavior I see on their friends. It is always someone to join the group if he plays, it never spread gossip and is usually a kind person. She is forgiving about his feelings directly and slightly different. It is unclear when it is time to treat your friends badly-HELP!


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